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A Day in Fort Lauderdale [Time-Lapse]

fort lauderdaleThanks to Brown Chair Films for putting together this cool time-lapse video of Fort Lauderdale. Everyone who lives in this city knows how awesome it is! So sit back and enjoy a day in Fort Lauderdale.
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How Big of a Miami Dolphins Fan Are You? [QUIZ]

miami dolphins quizThink you’re the biggest Dolphins fan in Miami? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about the ‘Fins.
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14 Best Bars in South Florida for Craft Beer Drinkers

Craft-beer-south-floridaNot all bars are created equal, however, every bar on this list has earned it’s way into my heart and countless other patrons in South Florida. If you’re a true beer lover, then my suggestion would be to write all ...
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